An Ergonomic Office Also When You Work At Home

ergonomic-workplaceA lot of people today are working from home, or if we use the more professional term for this are engaging in what today is called “telecommuting“.

And let’s be honest, what can can be more convenient than having your office right there where you live without ever needing to leave your home for work?

While working at home sure has numerous benefits and advantages, it can still often pose the same hazards that can otherwise be present at your typical workplace. And I’m not even talking about so-called dangerous industries here, those hazards can also arise from your everyday average office work.

British insurers have to pay Billions of British pounds each and every year due to illnesses that are brought on by non-ergonomic workplaces. Millions of Britons suffer from back pains, migraines, or wrist pains. There is a reason that UK law mandates all workplaces to comply to rules and regulations in terms of office ergonomics. Businesses need to make sure that the entire work environment complies with British health regulations, in some cases they may only be required to provide ergonomic chairs and ergonomic desks to the workers, in other cases they need to have their entire business assessed by professionals for proper ergonomics.

And what applies to the business around the corner or the factory in your town is also true if you work at home! If you work for a British company from your own home in your own home office, there are also obliged to make sure that you use ergonomic furniture and approved equipment.

The usual way how companies go about this is by getting what’s called a workstation assessment, and it’s such a workstation assessment that’s also required when you work from home.

Not every workstation assessment is the exact same, some are performed on site while other types of workplace assessments can be conducted online. How this works is that you would fill out several questions during such an online workstation assessment which will help to pin down where potential problems with office ergonomics could be.

So the next time you complain about back pain due to working long hours in front of your computer, get in touch with your employer and enquire about a workstation assessment for better ergonomics!