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An Ergonomic Office Also When You Work At Home

A lot of people today are working from home, or if we use the more professional term for this are engaging in what today is called “telecommuting“. And let’s be honest, what can can be more convenient than having your office right there where you live without ever needing to leave your home for work? […]

Fantastic Dining Sets From Reclaimed Wood

If you’re like me, the best is only good enough and this is certainly true when it comes to furniture. Furniture sure is not something you get every couple of months. Because of that, I think there’s really nothing wrong when I see high-quality furniture as a type of investment especially realizing that such an […]

Trickery and Cheating Rife in British Schools

According to the investigation done by British TV Channel 4, education in the United Kingdom ‘is experiencing an epidemic of trickery and cheating’. The report points out how school teachers in the UK are rigging key assessments and goes so far as to show how 40,000 university undergraduates had been disciplined for plagiarism in the […]

Amazing Micro-Designs

Micro-designs are all the hype right now and there sure are many great micro-apartments available to buy today. Some have moving walls, others have creatively designed nooks and other unique features. But how does it look if you want to rent? Most people sure don’t have the time to res-design something which by default is […]