Fantastic Dining Sets From Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood table-3If you’re like me, the best is only good enough and this is certainly true when it comes to furniture.

Furniture sure is not something you get every couple of months.

Because of that, I think there’s really nothing wrong when I see high-quality furniture as a type of investment especially realizing that such an investment can last you for decades.
Among the furniture designs that caught my attention lately are the creations by Mac+Wood from London UK.

To give you an idea of why I like those pieces of much I will simply add some pictures to this post.

Those pieces are unique because they are made from hand select reclaimed wood timbers. This would give Mac+Wood’s dining sets a very classy yet rugged and natural, warm look.

The reclaimed wood used with those furniture pieces makes them extremely durable – one of the reasons why Mac+Wood’s dining sets are in particular well liked amongst owners of hotels and restaurants.

reclaimed wood-2
reclaimed wood table-1You can see Mac+Wood’s Reclaimed Wood Dining Table at their website at