How Does Video Flame Detection Work?

Video flame detection is the latest in fire detection technology which is now slowly replacing older fire protection technology technology such as smoke detectors and other outdated fire alarm systems.

How does video flame detection work?

Video flame and fire detection systems are essentially video cameras that have the ability to detect flame and smoke from what they “see”. Compared to other fire detection systems, the work entirely differently and offer a whole number of advantages.

Just one of the disadvantages of conventional smoke alarms is that they cannot reliably work outdoors. This is easy to understand when you know how a smoke alarm works as they are utilising a built in sensor that detects smoke in the air. For this to work, they need to be in enclosed spaces and can be too far away from flame or smoke.

A video flame detection camera on the other hand can detect fires also from a far distance, and they can also work outdoors.

Although video flame detection cameras are oftentimes more reliable and faster than many other fire detection systems, there are surprisingly low maintenance and very easy to set up. In many cases, one can just replace a normal video camera with a fire detection camera which is especially convenient in all those places where there is already a video camera system in place. And once the flame camera is integrated, it can continue to function just like a normal videocamera in addition to its fire detection ability.

Today, many types of industries including small businesses and now also increasingly more home owners are using video flame detection for increased fire safety.