Trickery and Cheating Rife in British Schools

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According to the investigation done by British TV Channel 4, education in the United Kingdom ‘is experiencing an epidemic of trickery and cheating’.

The report points out how school teachers in the UK are rigging key assessments and goes so far as to show how 40,000 university undergraduates had been disciplined for plagiarism in the last few years alone.

The immense pressure on teachers and students today is one reason for those shady and in some cases outright fraudulent practices that are now commonly seen in regards to education in Great Britain.

The British TV channel found out that more than 58,000 undergraduates have been investigated by their schools plagiarism in the past four years. 400 of those cheaters had been expelled while marks for 12,000 students had been reduced as a result of those shady practices.

Plagiarism is one of the most commonly encountered problems today. Fortunately, schools are now better equipped to detect plagiarism through the use of special software that compares students work with online databases.

On the other hand, other practices such as having essays written by third-party online companies is becoming a new problem. The issue here is that this type of cheating can often not be detected.

The team that made the report had no problem contacting several online companies who would have provided them essays that can be passed of as their own.

A mere £500 is all it takes to obtain a professionally written dissertation today: Some of the companies immediately told the undercover reporters that they certainly “can hand-in the purchased dissertation as their own” while other essay writing services said that they cannot “officially” tell someone to pass off the dissertation as their own but told them they are of course free to do with the work as they wish.

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