Excellent ‘Surprise Entertainment ‘for Your Wedding Reception or Birthday Party

Secret Singers - Singing Waiters 05

A lot of people are spending considerable money on their wedding. Seeing that most of us are not getting married too often in their lives, this is actually quite understandable.

A wedding is supposed to be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime event and this is the reason why people normally don’t have a problem spending their money on everything to make this day as great as it could get.

Think about amazing flower arrangements, drinks and foods. But one thing where people are often making mistakes is when it comes to selecting their musical entertainment for the grand day.

If you ask around, most folks that plan a wedding will likely think about booking a band or a DJ. In some cases, this may work. On the other hand, if you want to impress your guests you should think about something else rather than booking an average DJ.

In the UK, the trend currently is what’s commonly known as “surprise entertainment”. You can book singers and dancers that can attend your wedding, many times dressed up as waiters or security personnel.

The special thing about this type of surprise entertainment is that those guys will mingle among your guests, no one will know that they are entertainers. At some point, usually at a certain time, the “waiters” or “security staff” will start with their show.

One of the most popular surprise entertainment act in the UK right now are The Singing Waiters from The Secret Singers. Those guys are different because The Singing Waiters are professional singers and dancers. In other words, their shows are absolutely amazing!

I recommend that you check out the Secret Singers if you want the best entertainment for your wedding reception. You shouldn’t spend a fortune on your wedding but forget about how important your musical entertainment is!


An Ergonomic Office Also When You Work At Home

ergonomic-workplaceA lot of people today are working from home, or if we use the more professional term for this are engaging in what today is called “telecommuting“.

And let’s be honest, what can can be more convenient than having your office right there where you live without ever needing to leave your home for work?

While working at home sure has numerous benefits and advantages, it can still often pose the same hazards that can otherwise be present at your typical workplace. And I’m not even talking about so-called dangerous industries here, those hazards can also arise from your everyday average office work.

British insurers have to pay Billions of British pounds each and every year due to illnesses that are brought on by non-ergonomic workplaces. Millions of Britons suffer from back pains, migraines, or wrist pains. There is a reason that UK law mandates all workplaces to comply to rules and regulations in terms of office ergonomics. Businesses need to make sure that the entire work environment complies with British health regulations, in some cases they may only be required to provide ergonomic chairs and ergonomic desks to the workers, in other cases they need to have their entire business assessed by professionals for proper ergonomics.

And what applies to the business around the corner or the factory in your town is also true if you work at home! If you work for a British company from your own home in your own home office, there are also obliged to make sure that you use ergonomic furniture and approved equipment.

The usual way how companies go about this is by getting what’s called a workstation assessment, and it’s such a workstation assessment that’s also required when you work from home.

Not every workstation assessment is the exact same, some are performed on site while other types of workplace assessments can be conducted online. How this works is that you would fill out several questions during such an online workstation assessment which will help to pin down where potential problems with office ergonomics could be.

So the next time you complain about back pain due to working long hours in front of your computer, get in touch with your employer and enquire about a workstation assessment for better ergonomics!


Fantastic Dining Sets From Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood table-3If you’re like me, the best is only good enough and this is certainly true when it comes to furniture.

Furniture sure is not something you get every couple of months.

Because of that, I think there’s really nothing wrong when I see high-quality furniture as a type of investment especially realizing that such an investment can last you for decades.
Among the furniture designs that caught my attention lately are the creations by Mac+Wood from London UK.

To give you an idea of why I like those pieces of much I will simply add some pictures to this post.

Those pieces are unique because they are made from hand select reclaimed wood timbers. This would give Mac+Wood’s dining sets a very classy yet rugged and natural, warm look.

The reclaimed wood used with those furniture pieces makes them extremely durable – one of the reasons why Mac+Wood’s dining sets are in particular well liked amongst owners of hotels and restaurants.

reclaimed wood-2
reclaimed wood table-1You can see Mac+Wood’s Reclaimed Wood Dining Table at their website at www.macandwood.co.uk

Trickery and Cheating Rife in British Schools

private school UK

According to the investigation done by British TV Channel 4, education in the United Kingdom ‘is experiencing an epidemic of trickery and cheating’.

The report points out how school teachers in the UK are rigging key assessments and goes so far as to show how 40,000 university undergraduates had been disciplined for plagiarism in the last few years alone.

The immense pressure on teachers and students today is one reason for those shady and in some cases outright fraudulent practices that are now commonly seen in regards to education in Great Britain.

The British TV channel found out that more than 58,000 undergraduates have been investigated by their schools plagiarism in the past four years. 400 of those cheaters had been expelled while marks for 12,000 students had been reduced as a result of those shady practices.

Plagiarism is one of the most commonly encountered problems today. Fortunately, schools are now better equipped to detect plagiarism through the use of special software that compares students work with online databases.

On the other hand, other practices such as having essays written by third-party online companies is becoming a new problem. The issue here is that this type of cheating can often not be detected.

The team that made the report had no problem contacting several online companies who would have provided them essays that can be passed of as their own.

A mere £500 is all it takes to obtain a professionally written dissertation today: Some of the companies immediately told the undercover reporters that they certainly “can hand-in the purchased dissertation as their own” while other essay writing services said that they cannot “officially” tell someone to pass off the dissertation as their own but told them they are of course free to do with the work as they wish.

The United Kingdom is a nation with some of the best and most renowned private schools available today. The  Kingshottschool is a Hertfordshire private school that can offer your children everything they need for the best education.

Amazing Micro-Designs

Micro-designs are all the hype right now and there sure are many great micro-apartments available to buy today. Some have moving walls, others have creatively designed nooks and other unique features.

But how does it look if you want to rent?

Most people sure don’t have the time to res-design something which by default is likely only temporary. No one rents forever.

I found some great article over at The Treehugger that might be helpful if you’re interested in renting a micro-design flat.

The article takes a closer look at the Spanish capital Madrid where one can find outstandingly designed micro-apartments available for rent. So check it out!